Loan Acquisition

ORIX Capital Markets purchases individual loans, as well as loan portfolios, backed by income producing commercial real estate properties for all property types nationally.  The loan acquisitions group is supported by an in-house team of commercial real estate underwriters, attorneys and diligence professionals with expertise for all property types and in all markets throughout the United States. These lending professionals have experience in lending on acquisition, development, refinancing, bridge funding, and turn around/value creation opportunities.  The investment team can respond quickly to opportunities and evaluate complex structures.

  • Active buyer-investor in performing and non-performing loans and portfolios
  • One contact from the initial bid to closing controlling all aspects of the transaction
  • Internal underwriting and credit approval process, providing a unique advantage to clients
  • In-house resources help control the timing and quality of each aspect of a transaction
  • Lending and investing activities are funded from internal capital sources, without need for any third-party capital
  • Not contingent on financing, syndication or securitization

Targeted Acquisitions

  • Fixed and floating rate loans with proceeds greater than $5 million
  • Performing and non-performing loans and loan portfolios
  • Stabilized and transitional properties
  • All commercial real estate types
  • All property types, including Hospitality, Healthcare, Office, Retail, Multifamily, Industrial and Condominiums
  • All markets nationally