College Recruiting and Analyst Training

ORIX Corporate Capital continually seeks to attract new talent from universities and colleges. We have many exciting and rewarding job openings and internships for recent and new graduates.

Our Opportunity

The ORIX Corporate Capital opportunity is not for everyone. We seek not only outstanding academic performers in finance, accounting and mathematics, but also those who possess a demonstrated history of achievement outside of the classroom.

We seek analysts that have an innate intellectual curiosity, a strong desire to succeed and those who will thrive in a fast-paced and rapidly growing company.

Our Commitment To You

We begin building our relationship with new analysts from the date of acceptance into the analyst program. Upon arrival, new analysts undertake several weeks of intensive classroom training and are immediately assigned significant responsibilities. During an analyst’s first year at ORIX Corporate Capital, technical training is applied to real world situations and the application of classroom knowledge is employed by working with staff throughout the firm. Starting in the first year and continuing through the second year of the program, analysts will be provided progressive levels of responsibility, and increased new transaction and client exposure based on their individual achievements and capabilities.

Our Analyst Training Program

Our analyst training program is significantly different from those you might find at other specialty finance companies. Early in the program new analysts are assigned surveillance responsibility for approximately ten asset accounts totaling $100 million. That’s right; we put the proper tools in your hands, teach you how to use them and then rely on you to apply them in real life situations.

Four in-depth training phases, completed over a six-month period, ensure that new analysts are fully prepared to assume their ongoing responsibilities. The phases are:

  • Support Functions and Fundamentals
  • Business Models and Processes
  • Direct Lending and Investing Lines of Business
  • Advanced Financial Topics and Account Manager Transition

Knowledge of ORIX Corporate Capital’s support functions—including Legal, Operations, Information Technology and Finance—is important for being effective as a team player in your new role. Understanding the various business models and processes used to measure account performance and underwrite transactions is similarly invaluable.

Becoming familiar with ORIX Corporate Capital’s direct lending and investing lines of business comes next. Approximately one week is spent on each line of business, with modules covering why each one is important, how they’re important to ORIX and how each one distinguishes itself in the market. The training program is designed to allow you to learn about different lines of business and to explore areas of future career interest along the way, working on live deal teams as you progress and develop your skills.

Finally, experts from law firms, consulting firms, forensic accounting firms, and resource partners like Moody’s, Bloomberg and Capital IQ are brought in to cover specific topics of value.

Throughout the training, you’ll have access to senior-level managers, including directors, who’ll help you execute your goals. From the first day, you’ll understand your roles and responsibilities; you’ll have a clear purpose, along with an environment that challenges you and facilitates your success.

As the program progresses your contribution to the firm is expected to steadily increase but you won’t be operating on your own. You’ll be paired with an analyst from the previous year’s training class, someone who’s very familiar with getting started as an ORIX Corporate Capital professional.

After the successful completion of the program in December, you will transition into the role of an Account Manager and will work under the direction of one of our Portfolio Managers. In this capacity you will be trusted with a tremendous amount of responsibility assisting Portfolio Managers in the execution of the firm’s Portfolio Management/Surveillance activities.

With a solid foundation of training and a successful year of experience under your belt you will be placed into a specific ORIX Corporate Capital group or line of business. Throughout the program you will have an opportunity to meet hiring managers and participate in informational luncheons, interviews, and office visits.Those who are driven, disciplined and self-motivated will thrive in our analyst training program. We treat you as a professional from day one, provide you with clear goals, and arm you with the tools and knowledge you need to be successful.

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