Our Services & History


ORIX USA Corporation is a diversified financial conglomerate with approximately $5 billion in assets, $30 billion of assets managed for others and over 1,100 employees. ORIX USA and its subsidiaries offer an extensive portfolio of investment and credit products in addition to advisory services. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, ORIX USA has offices across the US with subsidiary operations in Europe and Asia.

Our History

Founded over 25 years ago as the US commercial leasing subsidiary of ORIX Corporation, ORIX USA now operates across a spectrum ranging from investment banking, hedge fund management, and advisory services to a range of credit and equity products for corporate and public entities.

ORIX USA continues to adapt its existing businesses to ever-changing market demands. As its businesses evolve, the common thread remains the provisioning of capital to address market opportunities.

Our Services

ORIX USA serves as a growth catalyst for business—providing investment capital, asset management and financial advisory services to more than 1,000 clients worldwide in the corporate, real estate, and public finance sectors including:

  • Direct corporate and venture lending
  • Investment in various fixed income capital market products (high-yield bonds, bank loans, structured financial products, ABS, CDOs and CMBS)
  • Investment capital and mortgages for commercial real estate
  • Equity and mezzanine investing
  • Fund investments including investment in fund managers and platforms
  • Merger and acquisition advice and financing
  • Debt restructuring advice and financing
  • Valuation opinions