Greg Voyentzie Assumes Role of Boston Financial Investment Management CEO

Boston Financial Investment Management (“Boston Financial“), a leader in affordable housing finance, is pleased to announce that Greg Voyentzie has assumed the role of CEO after serving as an Executive Vice President for the company. Former Boston Financial CEO Ken Cutillo announced his plans to step down from the role in November 2017. Voyentzie and Cutillo worked closely over the past six months to ensure the June 1 leadership transition was seamless.

A wholly owned subsidiary of ORIX Corporation USA (ORIX USA) since July 2016, Boston Financial is under the ORIX Commercial Mortgage Servicing (OCMS) umbrella. This family of companies provides comprehensive capital solutions for multifamily, affordable, seniors and healthcare real estate through its wholly owned subsidiaries: Boston Financial, Lancaster Pollard and RED Capital Group.

“We’re happy to bring an experienced leader like Greg into this role,” said Andrew Garvey, Head of ORIX USA’s Municipal and Infrastructure Investment Group and ORIX Commercial Mortgage Servicing. “The insights and experience gained during his time as an Executive Vice President will not only continue to strengthen Boston Financial’s position as a leader in affordable housing finance, but will also benefit the entire ORIX Commercial Mortgage Servicing group.”

Voyentzie joined Boston Financial in 1999 and has over 24 years of experience in the affordable housing industry. While serving as an Executive Vice President, he also co-led the company’s equity syndication efforts. Under his shared leadership, Boston Financial syndicated more than $2.3 billion of tax credit equity.

“We’re grateful for the leadership Ken Cutillo has shown over the last eight years,” Garvey said. “He has been a driving force in Boston Financial’s financial growth and helped position Boston Financial for success as we move into the next chapter for the company.”