ORIX Corporation USA’s Growth Capital Group Closed Over $300 Million in Debt Financing in 2022

ORIX Corporation USA’s (ORIX USA) Growth Capital business saw continued success in 2022, despite a dynamic macroeconomic environment and market challenges.

ORIX USA’s Growth Capital Business Highlights in 2022:

  • Closed over $300 million in debt financing over twelve month period
  • 10 late-stage and growth focused company add-ons to its lending portfolio
  • Supported its existing portfolio companies with four follow-on upsizes and 12 new facility draws
  • Closed a large managed account and financing vehicle


“We believe our team has the sophistication and expertise to assess company risks and opportunities as well as the flexibility, communication and support to execute successful portfolio management strategies. Beyond additional capital, we supported the strategic, transaction and covenant needs of our portfolio companies as they adjusted to the new market environment,” said Jeff Bede, Managing Director and Head of ORIX USA’s Growth Capital business. “It is our belief that the strength and stability of our proprietary balance sheet capital coupled with the scalability and value of our managed capital is a strong combination. We see quality long-term value propositions in the growth lending space, and we look to further our business momentum in the years to come.”

Founded in 2001, ORIX USA’s Growth Capital business has seen several market cycles and has been a part of the significant expansion in the growth lending sector. As seen in 2022, portfolio companies in the business’s target markets like enterprise software have seen continued resiliency and revenue growth despite cyclical market conditions or downturns. A fundamental principle of the Growth Capital business is to serve as a strategic and supportive partner to companies and their investors. Its approach analyzes unique capital needs while continuing to support market longevity for growth companies, and the business remains committed to continue strengthening its partnerships with companies and investors in 2023.