ORIX Municipal Finance Provides $18 Million of Infrastructure Financing to Austin Public Improvement Districts

ORIX Public Finance, a specialty provider of financing for public and not-for-profit entities announced that in two transactions it provided $18 million financing to Austin Public Improvement Districts. The funding will support water lines, primary arterial roads and a wastewater treatment plant for the Indian Hills and Whisper Valley Public Improvement Districts (PID) in Austin, Texas. The financing was structured as senior bonds backed by pledged revenue and PID assessments.

Andrew Garvey, Managing Director of ORIX Public Finance said, “The Indian Hills/Whisper Valley Improvement District financing is just one example of ORIX USA’s ability to finance the infrastructure needed in local communities where leadership prefers more flexible financing than may be available through publicly issued bonds.”

In other transactions, ORIX Public Finance has provided funding for the construction of buildings leased to public entities and waste/recycling plants serving multiple municipalities. ORIX also is actively seeking additional infrastructure financing opportunities through its Texas Technology and Infrastructure Fund.

About ORIX Public Finance

ORIX Public Finance uses its experience, resources and trading capabilities to be an active investor in and proprietary lender to the public and non-profit sectors. The group is located at ORIX USA’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas. ORIX USA is a financial and investment conglomerate with more than 1,400 employees and primary offices in Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Columbus (OH) and Minneapolis (MN). ORIX USA holds approximately $6 billion of assets and manages approximately $25 billion through various subsidies. ORIX USA invests across the spectrum of commercial, real estate, venture and municipal finance and has operating subsidiaries in investment banking, multifamily agency lending and hedge fund management. ORIX USA  is the wholly owned subsidiary of ORIX Corporation, a Tokyo-based, publicly owned international financial services company with operations in 27 countries. ORIX Corporation is listed on the New York (NYSE:IX) and Tokyo (8591) Stock Exchanges.