Village Fertility Secures $12M in Debt Financing from ORIX Corporation USA’s Growth Capital Group

VFP Pharmacy Group (“Village”, “VFP”, or the “Company”), a portfolio company of BelHealth Investment Partners, LLC (“BelHealth”), a healthcare private equity firm based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, announced the completion of a financing from ORIX Corporation USA’s Growth Capital team. VFP has established itself as one of the leading fertility pharmacies in the country and is dedicated to servicing patients, providers, and payors in this market. The transaction with ORIX USA’s Growth Capital group provides VFP the necessary working capital to continue its rapid growth as the fertility sector experiences strong tailwinds.

Richard J. Burkett, VFP CEO and Board Director, stated: “We are thrilled to have ORIX USA’s Growth Capital team as a partner. The pharmacy is an integral part of the fertility journey and VFP prides itself on being a reliable and caring partner during this exciting path to parenthood.” David Orlandella, Managing Director, ORIX USA’s Growth Capital group stated: “We have been impressed with VFP’s commitment to service, including its strong positioning in the fertility sector and are excited to work closely with the VFP team and BelHealth.”

Brett Bleau, VFP CFO said “I have enjoyed working closely with the ORIX USA’s Growth Capital team to complete this transaction. This financing not only supports our working capital needs relative to the Company’s current growth, which has out-paced the industry by several fold, but also enables us to establish the technology and infrastructure to enhance patient experience and drive increased demand for our products and services.”

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