ORIX Acquires Controlling Interest in RB Capital

ORIX Corporation (ORIX), a leading integrated financial services group, announced today the company has acquired a controlling interest in RB Capital Empreendimentos S.A. (RB Capital), a Brazilian capital markets and asset management platform. The acquisition leverages ORIX’s strategy to expand its growing capital solutions and asset management business in Latin America.

“This acquisition is an important step in expanding ORIX’s footprint in Latin America,” said Hideto Nishitani, ORIX USA Corporation’s Chairman, President and CEO. “RB Capital has a 17-year track record and a strong team of talented professionals. A strategic alliance with RB Capital gives ORIX the ability to extend our asset management and capital market business through an established operating platform. This will enable us to provide tailor-made solutions and gain exposure to unique investment opportunities in Brazil and important neighboring markets.”

Founded in 1999 by Luis Claudio Garcia de Souza and headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, RB Capital has issued approximately 23 billion reais ($6.9 billion) of fixed income credit products via RB Capital debt capital markets transactions and 2.6 billion reais ($800 million) in assets under management (AuM) in 19 funds specialized in real estate and infrastructure. The RB Capital management team is comprised of seasoned professionals, with most of them having more than 20 years of experience in the Brazilian financial market.

“This is a powerful partnership built on the exceptional reputations of two industry leaders,” said Marcelo Barbará, CEO of RB Capital since 2010. “The combination of ORIX’s global financial services capabilities with RB Capital’s seasoned leadership team and local industry expertise accelerates our strategy to grow and better serve our business partners through broader offerings. This combination delivers significant long-term benefits for both companies.”

“In choosing RB Capital as a global strategic partner, ORIX has shown confidence in our platform and our people,” said Marcelo Michalua, a Managing Partner and Director of RB Capital. “Under the ORIX umbrella, the RB Capital platform can continue to raise third-party capital, domestically and internationally, in collaboration with other ORIX businesses; distribute high-quality international funds through our distribution network; and expand our debt capital markets business, not only in real estate and infrastructure, but also in other segments where our capabilities can provide unique capital market solutions.”

ORIX established ORIX Brasil Investimentos in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2012 under the supervision of its wholly owned subsidiary, ORIX USA. RB Capital is a new subsidiary of ORIX USA under the leadership of Jorge Jaramillo, Managing Director and Head of ORIX Latin America. Jaramillo will have overall responsibility for RB Capital, including seamless assimilation and strategic collaboration with the ORIX group.

“A pioneer in structuring capital market solutions to real estate in Brazil, RB Capital is ORIX’s strategic partner of choice in Brazil because of their reputable brand and proven ability to link asset origination capabilities with the needs of investors,” Jaramillo said. “This alliance combines RB Capital’s reputation, local expertise and ability to identify attractive business opportunities with the strength of ORIX’s global network and solid past performance. ORIX is pleased that the exceptionally strong executive team at RB Capital will continue to operate as an independent capital markets and asset management platform and facilitate ORIX’s growth opportunities in Brazil.”

ORIX has a history of building long-term relationships in Latin America, including a joint venture with Bradesco to establish Brazil’s first leasing company in 1973 and with former Banco de Chile. Since establishing an office in Sao Paulo, ORIX has made direct proprietary investments in South America, with the goal of finding the right local strategic platform and partners. ORIX’s Latin America operations will continue to source, evaluate and manage strategic and opportunistic investments in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, particularly focused on growing a regional capital markets and asset management platform, complementing ORIX’s strong global capabilities in those sectors.

The acquisition was completed on Dec. 14, 2016, with the RB Capital controlling shareholders, Luis Claudio Garcia de Souza, Marcelo Barbará and Marcelo Medeiros, selling 100 percent of their stake in the company representing 68 percent of the company’s capital. The remaining management team will maintain their equity stake and purchase additional equity in the company, creating positive alignment for the organization’s long-term growth.

For more information, visit www.orix.com/rbcapital.

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