ORIX USA Exits Special Servicing Business

ORIX Real Estate Americas, a division of Dallas-based financial services company ORIX USA, announced today that it is exiting the Special Servicing business due primarily to consolidation rules, which made growth in the sector problematic for companies such as ORIX, since ORIX Corporation is a public company.

“We’ll continue to grow our presence in the bridge and construction lending segment, while also remaining an active investor in the CMBS market,” said Jim Dunn, President of ORIX Real Estate Americas. “We made this decision in order to allocate our resources to other opportunities with greater growth potential.”

ORIX is pleased to complete this transaction with KeyBank, which has been an important ORIX relationship for years. For example, in 2005, KeyBank acquired ORIX’s master and primary servicing businesses, and continues to provide third-party primary servicing for ORIX Real Estate Americas’ balance sheet loans. KeyBank also provides financing for ORIX USA.

“We foresee the continuation of our relationship with KeyBank, as the company has proven to be a valuable partner to us over the years,” Dunn said.

Following the decision to exit the Special Servicing business, ORIX Real Estate Americas has shifted employees to roles in asset management and new business origination, while others moved to other affiliated entities within ORIX USA.