Santhosh Karunakar Named Chief Technology Officer

ORIX USA Group announced that Santhosh Karunakar, Head of Strategic Operations and member of the Management Committee, has been named to the new role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Mr. Karunakar continues to report to David Nishida, COO of ORIX USA Group, and is based in Dallas.

With a background in financial services and a strong focus on technology, Mr. Karunakar is responsible for the strategic technology vision, architecture, and development of the firm’s enterprise platform. In close collaboration with the leadership team, he will lead a team of engineers, product managers, and data scientists to create a world-class platform that delivers operational excellence and data-driven insights to support ORIX USA’s growing business.

“As we continue with our digital and business transformation initiatives, the evolution of our technology and enterprise platforms will become even more important to the successful execution of our strategic plans and future projects,” said Mr. Nishida.

Mr. Karunakar joined the firm in 2020 with more than 20 years of experience, including 10 years in Japan, and has led the enhancement of the technology and business processes that support our strategic objectives. He has played an instrumental role in overseeing digital and business transformation efforts and will work alongside Brad DeLong, Chief Information Officer, to deliver high quality service with an innovative approach.